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Collins Driving Schools Based in Atlanta, Georgia, and family owned & operated since 2019. Collins Driving School helps drivers with DUI/Risk Reduction, Defensive Driving Courses, Driver’s Education/Joshua’s Law Programs, and Teen/Adult Driving Lessons. A convenient location near expressways offering both day, evening and weekend classes. We make traffic school efficient and comfortable. We can build greater cultural awareness, feel more comfortable bringing our whole selves to fullness, better connect and partner with collaborators, invest in our comprehensiveness, and move forward with a better opportunity. We are the Collins Driving School full of confidence, wellness and capability.

Collins Driving Schools, instructors complete an extensive pre-employment interview prior to being accepted into our training program. The training program for instructors consists of three weeks of classroom and field training, so they are well versed and knowledgeable about teaching methods, traffic laws, rules and regulations, in addition to defensive driving techniques.

After the completion of our initial training program, each instructor must pass an examination administered by the Georgia Department of Driver Services. The Department also completes a thorough background check, which includes submission of fingerprints and photos to the G.B.I. and F.B.I. All instructors must have and maintain a clean driving record.

Certifications: RRP #10382, DT #702, DI #2327


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